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What is "Flames of Fate"?

It's the game I'm making!
A strategy RPG inspired by my love of fantasy. It will be made in unity and will feature a lot of spritework!

What's it about?

Flames of Fate is set in the fantasy world of Athyria. A place where magic runs deep and is largely forgotten by the people that inhabit the lands. Where a prized magical sword wielded by the heroic Knight might just have a darker backstory with its own sinister motives than the Knight would dare to believe. The world itself has a dark, rich history largely unknown to the people the live in it with entities, creatures, powers and more existing well outside of human reach. All that's left is the unsettling feeling that the people living in Athyria are merely guests here.

The story of the first Flames of Fate follows a young Prince dedicated to always do right thing, an impossible task made worse when countries are tearing each other apart. How long can he live up to this impossible standard in a world that doesn't play by the same rules? What will he do when he has to choose between helping his family and standing by his allies? What’s the point of playing by the rules when you’re the only one playing by them?

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What's the progress like?

Story: Mostly Done
Script: Started
Spritework: Getting There
Tilework: Not Started
Programming: Started